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Similar Books Gilt lettering to faded spine. With numerous illustrated plates and illustrations in the text by F. But, being young and naive, Stevenson brilliantly describes how maladroit and clumsily he phrases a reasonable suggestion, particularly when he makes the fatal and quite amusing mistake of invoking the name of his father, the old Judge. Daniel Defoe. Victor Hugo was a Published by Trieste Publishing Written in French.

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Weir of Hermiston by Robert Louis Stevenson, First Edition

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Christina felt the shock of their encountering glances, and seemed to rise, clothed in smiles, into a region of the vague and bright. But the gratification was not more exquisite than it was brief. She looked away abruptly, and immediately began to blame herself for that abruptness. She knew what she should have done, too late—turned slowly with her nose in the air. And meantime his look was not removed, but continued to play upon her like a battery of cannon constantly aimed, and now seemed to isolate her alone with him, and now seemed to uplift her, as on a pillory, before the congregation.

For Archie continued to drink her in with his eyes, even as a wayfarer comes to a well-head on a mountain, and stoops his face, and drinks with thirst unassuageable. In the cleft of her little breasts the fiery eye of the topaz and the pale florets of primrose fascinated him. He saw the breasts heave, and the flowers shake with the heaving, and marvelled what should so much discompose the girl. And Christina was conscious of his gaze—saw it, perhaps, with the dainty plaything of an ear that peeped among her ringlets; she was conscious of changing colour, conscious of her unsteady breath.

Like a creature tracked, run down, surrounded, she sought in a dozen ways to give herself a countenance. It was such a homely-like thing! Archie would never be eating sweeties in kirk; and, with a palpable effort, she swallowed it whole, and her colour flamed high. Later the same evening Christina goes for a walk on the hills and there she spies young Archie rushing towards the pass into the valley of her family, coming looking for her.

They meet amid the heather and have the earnest, embarrassed conversation of young lovers, sweet and innocent.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Under the general editorship of Catherine Kerrigan, the handsome Weir di Hermiston (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Robert Louis Stevenson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Weir di Hermiston (Libri da premio) (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Robert Louis Stevenson, L. Pecchi, Luisa Pecchi. Download it once and read it on your.

But Stevenson is not innocent. And for the first time begins to hint that this story will not end well. The thought moves the poetic soul in him. Tears, in that hour of sensibility, came into his eyes indifferently at the thought of either; and the girl, from being something merely bright and shapely, was caught up into the zone of things serious as life and death and his dead mother. So that in all ways and on either side, Fate played his game artfully with this poor pair of children.

The generations were prepared, the pangs were made ready, before the curtain rose on the dark drama. Uh oh. His name is Frank Innes. Stevenson is a master at describing unease. Archie takes to disappearing immediately after breakfast, sometimes before, leaving his unwanted guest alone with the servants or to roam the grounds of the house or into the hills, bored and resentful. Frank falls in with the drinking clubs at the local village, Crossmichael, where he spitefully starts spreading rumours about aloof Archie and gives his host the catchy nickname of The Recluse.

Frank goes one, fatal, step further when he begins to wonder where Archie is disappearing off to so often and so early. Slowly he figures out that it is a woman. And when he next attends church he realises Archie is in love with the beautiful Christina.

And Stevenson, in the character of the intrusive narrator, points the doomward direction of his tale. Poor cork upon a torrent, he tasted that night the sweets of omnipotence, and brooded like a deity over the strands of that intrigue which was to shatter him before the summer waned. Kirstie — in the earlier descriptions of her mastery of the household, and her fond feelings for the young laird when he first arrives, and now in her conflicted feelings about seeing her young hero fall in love — emerges as in some ways the most sympathetic character in the book.

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Certainly I feel warmer about her — and about the wicked old hanging judge — than I do about either of the naive young lovers. So now Archie has been warned twice — once by the ill-intentioned Frank, once by well-intentioned Kirstie — to have a care. But, being young and naive, Stevenson brilliantly describes how maladroit and clumsily he phrases a reasonable suggestion, particularly when he makes the fatal and quite amusing mistake of invoking the name of his father, the old Judge.

Oh dear. She says he is taunting her, she never realised he was so in thrall to convention etc.

And then she bursts into hopeless sobbing tears and he rushes to embrace her. And that is where the manuscript breaks off.

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Stevenson dictated this last scene to his step-daughter on the morning he died. The introduction to the Oxford University Press edition, by Emma Letley, goes long on the idea of doubles and dualities. The trouble with this idea is that once you start looking for binary oppositions in almost any fiction, you can find them everywhere, in evermore feeble and unconvincing iterations.

So, here:. If you throw in the historic conflicts between the Puritan Covenanter movement and the broader Protestantism of the Scottish cities, and then start quoting the use of masks or personas in the work of Robert Burns or Douglas Hogg, you can fill many pages waxing lyrical about the centrality of doubles and divisions in Scots literature, and then confidently situate Stevenson in that tradition. I am not persuaded. If you take two of the characters and contrast them — bingo! Judge Adam is stern; his wife Jeannie is soft. And so on and on. But the reality is that there are about a dozen fleshed-out characters in the novel and they are placed in multifarious relations with each other, relationships which jostle and hustle against each other and which also — as is kind of the point of the novel — change and develop.

In the early stages I am persuaded there was no malice. He talked but for the pleasure of airing himself. He was essentially glib, as becomes the young advocate, and essentially careless of the truth, which is the mark of the young ass.

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It was the lowering nightfall when my lord returned. He had the sunset in his back, all clouds and glory; and before him, by the wayside, spied Kirstie Elliott waiting. She was dissolved in tears, and addressed him in the high, false note of barbarous mourning, such as still lingers modified among Scots heather. She withered in the growing, and whether it was the sins of her sires or the sorrows of her mothers came to her maturity depressed, and, as it were, defaced; no blood of life in her, no grasp or gaiety; pious, anxious, tender, tearful, and incompetent. The house lasses were at the burnside washing, and saw her pass with her loose, weary, dowdy gait.

Assuredly it did not attract him; assuredly it rather rebutted and depressed. Which make a deeper, richer perception possible. Andrew Lang says it single-handedly established the financial viability of a new type of short, action-packed story and inaugurated a golden age of adventure yarns from the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle and Henry Rider Haggard. Kidnapped — Gripping historical novel about young David Balfour plunged into a series of adventures in the aftermath of the Jacobite Rising of On the Choice of a Profession — An essay.

Catriona, aka David Balfour — A sequel to Kidnapped. Songs of Travel and Other Verses — Poetry. Records of A Family of Engineers — A personal history of his own family of lighthouse-building engineers, unfinished at his death.